devops_utils.init module

Implements initialization process for a devops-utils container.

The main() here is the entrypoint of the devops-utils image. It parses the arguments and delegates execution to appropriate handler (either run() or devops_utils.install.install()).

Function run() handles initializing the environment, correspondingly to what the external runner has set up by passing appropriate options to docker.

initfunc() is a decorator that registers a function to be executed during init (from run()).


Register decorated function as initializer.

An initializer is executed on startup and can contribute to environment setup within the container. The function signature should be:

devops_utils.init.func(prog : string, args : list) → None
  • prog (str) – name/path to the program that will be executed by init
  • args (list) – arguments it will be executed with; may be mutated to affect the final arguments
devops_utils.init.install_file(src, dst, owner, group, mode)[source]

Install a file, set permissions and ownership.

  • src (str) – path to the source
  • dst (str) – path to the destination
  • owner (str) – owner username
  • group (str) – group name
  • mode (int) – mode to set on the destination
devops_utils.init.install_file_if_exists(src, dst, owner, group, mode)[source]

Install a file like install_file() if source exists.

devops_utils.init.main(args=['-T', '-E', '-b', 'readthedocs', '-d', '_build/doctrees-readthedocs', '-D', 'language=en', '.', '_build/html'])[source]

Run a program in devops-utils container., args)[source]

Run the specified program.